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Ok , so, I have had my shares of blog-attempts, and never really got the hang of it. I tried keeping a ‘blog-umentary’ of my trip to Germany in 2008, and I made it through a few posts, then it just slipped away… this is a new attempt, but I think I may be more able to stick to it.  So in the following series of posts, I will make a second attempt to revisit my trip to Germany in August 2008, some obstacles I faced, and just to relive the great memories I had.

[Memory:  this picture is of the Zeppelin that was flying low over the Bodensee in the south of Germany, in the lovely town of Konstanz, which borders Germany and Switzerland.  This is one of the only 3 Zeppelins in the entire world! It was flying so low over the lake, you thought you could just reach up and touch it… This was October 18th, 2008, when I went sailing on Bodensee with my friend Nico]

*these memories are not posted in any significant order, no levels of importance

Schneemänner in Herrenberg

This is me. and this is my introductie.

My name is Zac, sometimes Zach,  and this is my blog.  For those of you who do not know, I am no writer… infact, I am terrible at writing, and I always got pretty bad marks in English and Language Arts…… so in this blog, Im just gunna write what comes to mind, so don’t mind if its not in good english ^^ I might even switch to german sometimes on accident!

I’m moving to Germany in the summer, I love pizza, I’m a fine fan of both the city life and that of being alone in a forest with nothing but wildlife for miles to come.  I don’t ever take vacations, but rather I make experiences.  Theres a pretty big difference in there, and after getting to know me a bit, you’ll come to some conclusions.  Whatever those conclusions may be, so be it.  I don’t judge, I hope you don’t either.

This picture is of some snowmen that me, Leo, and Frau Busse made when I was in Herrenberg with Leo.
And I have 4 cats.

Those are some random things about me, and over time, you’ll be able to learn more about  me!

So for now, as taken from my best friend…

ta ta.

“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there.” — unknown

Well, hey there.

Welcome to Different Strokes, for Different Folks!

So, this design layout I chose is cool, because it automatically adjusts the background color to somewhat-match the colors in the picture, but a downside is, you can only post one picture per page…

And unfortunately its a little hard to navigate, you gotta go through all the posts to get to just one earlier one, unless you click up top on Archive.

but glad you are reading, and thanks for clicking!


Just testin’

well , this is basically just a test post, to see if it works or not!