Ok , so, I have had my shares of blog-attempts, and never really got the hang of it. I tried keeping a ‘blog-umentary’ of my trip to Germany in 2008, and I made it through a few posts, then it just slipped away… this is a new attempt, but I think I may be more able to stick to it.  So in the following series of posts, I will make a second attempt to revisit my trip to Germany in August 2008, some obstacles I faced, and just to relive the great memories I had.

[Memory:  this picture is of the Zeppelin that was flying low over the Bodensee in the south of Germany, in the lovely town of Konstanz, which borders Germany and Switzerland.  This is one of the only 3 Zeppelins in the entire world! It was flying so low over the lake, you thought you could just reach up and touch it… This was October 18th, 2008, when I went sailing on Bodensee with my friend Nico]

*these memories are not posted in any significant order, no levels of importance