Hey gang… how are you? Well, a little about me…

Spent the last 3 months of my life in Germany, met the greatest people one could ever wish to meet, and Im going back to Germany, to Köln, in August for a 3 year Ausbildung as Hotelfachman​n in a hotel there!  After this, I would like to take a month or so and visit some of Africa and also Iceland…

Im currently studying Hotel Management in USA.  in regards to my languages, I speak German and English, I attempted learning Finnish once, which was a disaster, but I wont give up yet ^^… Im trying to teach myself Dutch right now, so well see how that turns out!

In a nutshell, fun is what Im all about.  Living life.  You know, the whole ‘carpe diem’ point of view.  I make every attempt to live my life to its fullest.  I dont specifically​ follow societys trends, you know, ‘get real, this is the real world it doesnt happen like that’, but you know what? wo ein wille ist ist auch ein weg! Where theres a will, theres a way!

I enjoy learning and experiencing​ new things… How do you know you dont like it, until you try it!  Take Sülze for example, for any of you out there who have had this delicious german food ^^ Never again will I eat it, but, now I can atleast say that I DID indeed try it and I didnt like it xD   I never regret yesterday, but I also never worry about tomorrow.  Its all about making the best of what you have, that day.

And I also get along with nearly everyone, you can always find something to laugh about! I want to meet as many people as I can, and I want to read all their ‘books’.  I live in a small village called Old Zionsville , which is between NYC and Philadelphia​!

I love pizza, Cola (no ice), Germany, Arminia Bielefed, NYC, Köln, boy I wish I could list all the things I like.

ich lerne gerne neue menschen kennen, und ich mag leute, die ich zum Lachen bringen könnte, und leute die mich zum Lachen bringen können, aber ich will auch dennoch ernst genommen werden. Wenn ihr einige fragen habt, verfass einfach was auf meinem Wall etc. 😀  Ja und mehr über mich gibt es sehr viel zu sagen, ich habe mehrere Seiten an mir, aber meistens die mit der Hammer Laune 😛 auch wenn es manchen Leuten nicht gefällt, ich bin so wie ich bin und so werde ich auch bleiben…..

So in the end, gang, you just gotta…