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Mommy look!

So, when I experience something funny at work, (i.e. the pretzels and ice cream scenario) I post it here.

Few days ago, a kid sits on those electric wheel chairs for handicapped/elderly etc etc, and screams outloud,

“mommy, look! im an old lady”

that’s pretty much all it was, and it was very funny.  So, as a picture is a must at my blog, I decided to just draw it myself, which was also done at work.

Boy, I love using company time.


Pretzels and Ice Cream

Dear gang, it appears I am indeed not the only ‘crazy’ person out there, who enjoys dipping their pretzels in a nice smooth, savory bowl of mouth-watering ice cream delight.  Here’s the scoop:

At work today, someone came through my checkout with two things.  Ice Cream, and a bag of pretzels.  Then, me being me, and how I am, I obviously had to ask them if they were going to be eaten together.  Boy oh boy you should’ve seen the look on their face!  Priceless.  Absolutely priceless.  Then I had to explain that that is how I eat it, dip the pretzels in ice cream.  Thats what my mom does, thats what my grandma does, thats simply what was passed down, I guess.

So then, once again, me being me, I obviously had to ask other customers if they have ever heard of this practice.  So I asked the customer in the lane behind me.  ‘Ma’am, have you ever heard of dipping your pretzels in your ice cream?’ ‘Uh, no??’ Ok, so fine, she also hadn’t heard of it.. But its more of how her children reacted when they heard the question.  They bursted out:


and so it went on for actually quite a while.  Ok, yea, maybe like 30 seconds or so, but considering all things relative, pretty long time.  Then I asked this child, who is like 9 years old, what his favorite food is. Answer:


What kind of kid likes brussel sprouts???  But nevertheless, this kid and his brother were going on and on and on and on for the rest of the duration of their order.  GROSS.  GROSS.  GROSS.

Have you ever heard of this?

So that was the extent of my extremely interesting day.  See? I did tell you my life is pretty boring.

I google-d this technique, dipping your pretzels in your ice cream, and I found this on the NY Times’s website:

“To the Editor: In reading your article on salt, one gets the idea that sweet and salt together as a dessert is something new. My husband and I were school kids in Philadelphia in the 30’s, and often enjoyed ice cream served with a dish of salted pretzels. It’s a delicious combination.

North Plainfield, N.J.”

See? Not the only one.

May I add one last time:  Me being me, I continued asking other customers.  Most of them came to the conclusion that no, they had never heard of it, but they’d be darn willing to try it.

Moral of the story, you shouldn’t say you don’t like something until you’ve tried it atleast one time.

roxane in the phonebooth!

I’d just like to take this time to tell you that my life is boring.  But only right now, is it boring.  Why? Because it’s 11:55 pm, my dad is on the downstairs computer filing taxes, while I should be doing my homework.  But, thanks to Microsoft, my free trial of Office-the one you get with a new computer-has expired, and I am too lazy to download the illegal one , err I mean throw away my hard-earned greenbacks down the toilet, so Im upstairs on my computer , well, just basically explaining to you why my life is boring.

But that’s not to say when my pop is done on the computer and I can use Microsoft Word, that my life will be instantaneously more exciting, because that’s not true!  Why is my life boring? Well, I wake up, shower, check my email and my facebook, maybe chat with some friends, brush my teeth, and if its a monday or wednesday, I go to class.  If its any of the other 5 days of the week, I’m most likely getting ready to go to work.  Work, I work at the Giant in Trexlertown, but as my great finnish friend Mira calls it, the catmeat market.  (Don’t ask.)

But maybe one can contradict that statement, that just going to work is boring.  When in reality, Giant keeps me on my toes.  Especially days like today, when I was working U-Scan, the self-checkout section.  I experienced just about every kind of person you can think of, nice, fat, old, bitchy, quiet, rambunctious, sweet, dynamic, who knows, whatever adjective you can think of.  But this one lady really got my attention.  She was freaking out at me, why me? who knows.  Well, she was dissatisfied because the tomatoes were under the menu-heading Fruit instead of Vegetables , or was it the other way around, who cares… anyway, this is hardly a reason to get worked up over…

Another lady comes in with her kids,  and tells me she has never seen me before… C’mon, I hardly mean to be egotistical, but, I work usually 6 of the 7 days in the week, and I’ve seen this lady and her kids before.  She had the guts to tell me that I never am cashier on the front end…

And the one man comes up with glazed-over eyes and asks where he put his bread.  I have no clue sir?  Where did you last see it? Let’s sit down, and try to re-trace your last few steps… Ok, you picked up the tomato sauce, then you went a few aisles down and got some toothpaste.  Did you maybe leave it with the toothpaste and dental floss?

See? boring.  I tried livening up the post with some things I experienced today, but it didn’t cut it.

But what does cut it, is right now my wordpress , where I am typing this right now, said for some reason the “didn’t” in the sentence above this one was spelled wrong, so I right clicked, and the first spelling suggestion to come up was dildo. Wow.

I rarely hang out with friends, and I actually rarely watch TV.  But yet somehow I have come to the conclusion that there are not enough days in the week, to get things done.  But that’s just because I always spend whatever free time I do have, on the computer.

You’re probably bored just reading this.  That’s just because you are vicariously experiencing my life, through my blog post.  But I just hope that all my other posts are not as boring as this one!  Hence my title, contributed and quoted from Ms Emily Buck.  (thanks emily!)  My life is boring, so I’m just gonna reminisce about when it wasn’t.

So, lemme tell you know about this little cutie in the picture above, her name is Roxane, and she is the little girl of Brit and Eric, and sister of Johan!  Who are these people? Well, they are the french family friends of Tine (remember her from previous posts?) and her family.  And they lived with us while I lived with Tine, and together, we traversed the great vast lands of Nordrhein-Westfalen (one of the 16 Bundesländer (states) of Germany).  This picture was taken at a Dinosaur zoo type museum park thing.