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So consider this a continuation of one of my earlier posts… Today I logged into my blog, went to my dashboard and I glanced at the part of the Blog Stat’s section where you can see which websites link to you, and which websites “refer” the reader to your blog… such as what people type in Search Engines such as Google that ultimately lead to your blog.

And this is what I noticed:

and the search query which lead to my blog, was as follows:

woman sucking jamaican cock on jamaican vacation april 2009


Google Misuse…..!!!

Why are people so weird?

Why are people so weird?

So I just want to briefly touch upon something that I noticed today while checking my blog………

When you blog with wordpress, once you access your “Dashboard” (here you post new posts, edit old ones, set up pages, comments, links, settings etc etc) you have the choice to check on the “Blog Stats”, and under statistics, you can see things such as which pages get viewed the most, how many viewers you have, and WordPress also lists things that people type in Google which ultimately lead to your blog…

And today, I noticed “Women peeing there pants” which brings me to another point, THEY USED THE WRONG “THERE”…


I’ll give ya $5 if you can tell me the right one!!  I mean, this is not very drastic, as mimioso mentions in her post here, but it still is one of those things that people just need to learn to differentiate…

so here’s to those freaks who misuse Google, and ultimately end up at MY website…!

Vending Machine Mishaps

Vending Machine Mishaps

Today is a short post.  Why? Because I’ve had a long day!  Distractions keeping me from doing homework, that’s the main culprit!  Mostly it’s the internet, it really gets addicting.  Finding new stuff is so, well, exhilarating!  From following the winning agents of the Ford Fiesta Movement (see this article to watch some video footage of the NYC’s Times Square kick-off event) to apartment searching, from website designing to job searching.  From randomly stumbling across a random website where you just talk with strangers, to well… porn.  (joking)   What else have I found on the internet?  Ah, it’s too late in the evening to be able to recall it all…

Another big event happening in the past few days, well, put it this way.  It’s April, right?  April 8th, 2009 to be exact.  Well past the beginning of spring.  WHY IS IT SNOWING.  Did someone forget to tell the North East Corridor that it’s SPRING already!?

As said on my last post, I took film clippings while in NYC the last time, and I am teaching myself Final Cut Pro by trial-and-error, and am making a short video about NYC.  And I started it today in the Mac-Lab on campus, and it’s already almost done! It should be up by Monday, when all goes as planned.

And today, one of my biggest fears has indeed happened to me!  What is one of my biggest fears?  Well, it’s a quite dorky one, actually.  And it is when (SHIT! BEN JUST KILLED CAESAR!) <<sorry, I’m typing this while watching LOST!>> your snacking attempts fail.  That’s right.  When you go to a vending machine, there is so much suspense embedded in that simple action, the action of inserting your money in the vending machine, pressing the buttons to retrieve whatever item you are seeking, and the action of that sought-after item being released to your grasp.  How many times does this sequence actually fail?? Well, to me, twice, in one day.  I went to the soda machine, $.75 canned soda, it ate my money and wouldn’t a) register it on the screen, or b) give it back.  Then, I went to the snack machine, and my doritos got stuck.  My $1.00 Doritos.  I had to put in another $1.00 just to get them (because the machine was too wedged in the corner to be able to shake it up)… I could’ve gone to the admin and gotten a refund, but I’d’ve been late to my class.

Can you believe that? I really do hate vending machines, because of that suspense, that 5 seconds while the machine is vending. And it happened to me, twice. Watch how long it takes me to use a machine like that again…

Finally, tonight is a LOST night.  The only way to end a could’ve-been-better-day.