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So consider this a continuation of one of my earlier posts… Today I logged into my blog, went to my dashboard and I glanced at the part of the Blog Stat’s section where you can see which websites link to you, and which websites “refer” the reader to your blog… such as what people type in Search Engines such as Google that ultimately lead to your blog.

And this is what I noticed:


and the search query which lead to my blog, was as follows:

woman sucking jamaican cock on jamaican vacation april 2009


Google Misuse…..!!!

Why are people so weird?

Why are people so weird?

So I just want to briefly touch upon something that I noticed today while checking my blog………

When you blog with wordpress, once you access your “Dashboard” (here you post new posts, edit old ones, set up pages, comments, links, settings etc etc) you have the choice to check on the “Blog Stats”, and under statistics, you can see things such as which pages get viewed the most, how many viewers you have, and WordPress also lists things that people type in Google which ultimately lead to your blog…

And today, I noticed “Women peeing there pants” which brings me to another point, THEY USED THE WRONG “THERE”…


I’ll give ya $5 if you can tell me the right one!!  I mean, this is not very drastic, as mimioso mentions in her post here, but it still is one of those things that people just need to learn to differentiate…

so here’s to those freaks who misuse Google, and ultimately end up at MY website…!