Hey there gang–this is my first entry into a series of contests found over at the I Faces website.  Each week they host different themed photography contests, and today I happened to stumble upon their website and decided I’d try my hand in a little photography.

I’m posting this entry a few days early (the first chance to post an entry is Monday), but I’m sure its of no harm.

This week’s theme is the self-portrait.

WEEK 15 – Apri 20th – Self Portrait
We’d like to meet each of you! 🙂

Kids Category: A portrait of You and one (or all) of your children or You and a child you know.

Adults Category: Show us YOUR face…and your face only!

For this challenge, you have to take the photo and you have to be holding the camera. You cannot use a tripod to help you. (This should be fun!)

Taken on Christmas at our rental-condo in Ocho Rios on Jamaica, 2009.

Taken on Christmas at our rental-condo in Ocho Rios on Jamaica, 2009.

This trip to Jamaica was actually one of my most memorable vacations with my family… went to Jamaica for Christmas 2009, scored a fantastic quaint little condo right on the beach for $600 for the WHOLE week! over CHRISTMAS! Fantastic!  And it came with a helper, she was one of the greatest person I’ve ever met.  She wanted to do her job, she was fun loving, helpful, and just an all-around fantastic woman, and her name was Rose.  She took us into the markets of Ocho Rios, cooked fantastic jamaican entreés for us… I’ll have to dedicate a post to her and our trip to Jamaica a little bit later.  All-in-all, it was one of the few times my entire family got together, enjoyed eachothers company, and actually got along and laughed!!

ps-I know I’m not the greatest photographer 😛 Actually, I’m hardly “decent”!! But I try, and I have fun doing it!  and I guess that’s all that matters!