Hey gang,

so I really wanted a layout with which I could directly upload pictures and videos to, so you dont have to go to a second website to view them (i.e: I upload my video to YouTube and have to link it, you click the link, and the site forwards you to YouTube) .  Now, the last layout really was my favorite, and I really liked it, but with that layout it enables you to only insert one picture into the post , which is then the picture on the top (because it was designed for a photo-blog), and then color coordinates the background of the individual site.  The only other way to get more photos in, was to set up a ‘gallery’, but then once again, in order to see the pictures properly, you have to click on that picture and then get forwarded to a second site, with the enlargened picture.  So other than that layout, this was the only other one I really liked.

Lemme know if you like it or not!  I’ll gladly switch it back over if it’s more liked.