PATH Train Station: WTC

Let me introduce you to a dear friend of mine… the PATH Train… ok, I’ll stop now with the whole “let’s turn inanimate, non-living objects into “friends”” deal! for your sake and mine…

But really, that is just how I consider my terms with the PATH.  As several people find it inconvenient and just a hassle, I find it just as much convenient.  Just what is it, you may ask?  PATH stands for Port Authority Trans-Hudson, a rapid-transit link between the edges of New Jersey and Manhattan, NYC.

The Low-Down:

PATH is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.  The system runs 24/7, 365 days a year, operating between several locations in New Jersey and several locations in Manhattan.  There are PATH stations found throughout NYC and New Jersey.

How do I take full advantage of all the PATH has to offer? Well, living where I do live in the Lehigh Valley, it’s just a quick hop onto I-78 towards NJ, a quick exit onto US 1/9, a quick dash over the Pulaski Skyway and then you’re in Jersey City in under 2 hours.  Park the car, hop on the cheap inexpensive PATH, and in maximum 22 minutes later, you are sitting in Gotham.  A great alternative to taking the Bieber Bus to Manhattan (costing now something like $40 round trip, and you have to sit on a bus the whole time)  Then once you are in the city, I always end up buying a $7.50 unlimite-ride-in-a-24-hour-period fun-pass for the Subway.


Some advantages to the system would definitely be the rush-hour convenience… As I do not commute regularly between NJ and NYC, I really can’t speak personally, but I am able to put myself in someone’s shoes, who does actually regularly commute.  (hopefully their shoes are big enough, as I have pretty big feet!!)  But I do know, during the rush-hour times, trains run in a plethora to Manhattan and back.

Stations:  Plenty of stations are found along the PATH system.  All the NJ stations are:

  • Newark  (connections:  Penn Station, Amtrak, NJ Transit, Newark Light Rail, Airport and Buses)
  • Harrison
  • Journal Square (Transportation Center)
  • Grove Street
  • Exchange Place (connections: Ferries to NY & Hudson-Bergen Light Rail)
  • Pavonia Newport (connections: Hudson-Bergen Light Rail)
  • Hoboken (connections:  Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, NJ Transit, Ferry to NY, Buses)

and in NYC:

  • World Trade Center (Subway EAC23)
  • Christopher Street (Subway 1)
  • 9th St/6th Ave (Subway ABCDEFV)
  • 14th St/6th Ave (Subway FLV12)
  • 23rd St/6th Ave (Subway FV)
  • 33rd St/6th Ave (Subway BDFNQRVW, Penn Station, Amtrak, NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Buses)

Fares:  a one-way fare for the service costs only $1.75, and for occasional (but ever more often!) NYC-goers like I coming from Pennsylvania, it is a much more economical way to get into the city, as compared to taking the bus or driving all the way.  Commuter books can be purchased, in 10-, 20-, or 40-trips, or 1-, 7-, or 30-day unlimited passes, pushing the price down to somewhere around the $1.30 mark I believe?

No panhandlers!  Since the trips between Hoboken and 33rd take only 15 minutes, its not long enough for panhandlers to profit… thus, well, no panhandlers, no hassles!

Punctual:  it stays true to the schedules.


Unfortunately PATH is not operated in conjunction with the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority), nor the NJ Transit, nor the Newark Light Rail and nor the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, meaning no free transfers there-between. 

Seemingly REALLLY REALLY annoying dealing with the MetroCard Madness.  It would just be so much easier if the MTA and the PATH and NJ Transit etc would all combine and unite… with one ticket!!  The PATH takes an odd $1.75 off your MetroCard (in the only cases when you CAN use your MetroCard:  When you have money loaded on (not with a 24-hour day pass)) leaving you with $.25 remaining, when a single subway ride costs $2.00

Parking:  Well, I’ve personally only ever dealt with the Journal Square Transportation Center, but in terms of parking, one time I was over in Germany, flew home through LGA, but on the way out to Germany I drove to JSQ and parked my car, but when I was in NYC waiting for the PATH back to JSQ, it donned on me that the car park closed at 6 pm.  Never before was I so annoyed. Who closes a parking lot at 6pm???  So, long story short, I got stuck in NYC and had to find a hotel for the night.  And that was a Monday.    But on a recent trip through JSQ, we found parking in the parking garage directly associated with the JSQ Transportation Center, and the prices were good.  I believe it was around the $10 mark for 12 hours?  I mean, the side non-affiliated parking lots offer great deals, especially with a combined Early-Bird special, but just be careful, not all accept  cash and are open 24/7.

Weekend service:  On the weekend the service is still 24/7, just the trains run only not SOO often, and on the JSQ-33rd Line, it takes a quick pitstop in Hoboken, but this only extends the duration to 22 minutes.

Cars: are kinda out-dated, but rumour has it new cars are coming in 2009.


So the routes I’ve ever taken were always starting out from JSQ.  From there I have taken the JSQ-33rd line, and I’ve also taken the JSQ-WTC line.  The JSQ-WTC line is much shorter, and only has 2 stops between NJ and NYC, but it does drop you off in Lower Manhattan, well, right at the World Trade Center (see picture above!)  But as always with the NYC Subway, you can get anywhere very easily.


Well, all-in-all, and despite the outdated-ness of the system, it still runs without a squeaky wheel, so to say.  And I will continue to take advantage of it!  See you on the PATH!