panorama of Hameln

Just to sum up the remainder of the great life I had in Lage, with Tine, eating freshly cooked-still warm applesauce near the sugar factory.  We continued to take trips with the French, we went to castles, towns, parks and museums, and here are the remaining highlights.

-The first few pictures revolves around a day trip to Hameln and the Schloss Hämelschenburg (castle), built in 1409.  Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed within the castle doors.  Woulda been a sight to see, for sure.

The first pic is a panorama of the castle grounds, second pic is Roxane, the little french girl, expressing her love a) for curiosity, and b) for the color pink.  Anything pink, and I truly mean anything pink, will be touched by her hands 😀  Then a few pictures later, we are in Hameln, and there is an interesting picture there of a girl chasing another girl with a bike, and I have , to this day, yet to find out what really went on, but it involved smashing beer bottles, and a girl chick cat fight 😀  Amazing stuff!

Then comes the picture of the bikes 😀  Tine’s uncle owns two, a Harley and a BMW, and while living there, I got the chance , several times, to ride behind him on his BMW (I’m personally no fan of Harley, dunno why) and we went soo freakin’ fast on these country roads.  Now, c’mon, you gotta imagine this:

Riding with the wind in your face, (well, yea, you have a helmet on but still!) on these country roads, in between fields of crops.  Then, on your left comes a field of windmills, peacefully generating energy.  Then you go up a wildly curvy mountain road, still full speed ahead, and you come to the top where a statue is, called Hermanns Denkmal, kinda like Germany’s version of the Statue of Liberty. Remember, the wind is still blowing in your face.  Then you comem back down that mountain and through the fields and then youre driving through a picturesque Old City of a village.

Wouldn’t that want to make you ride bikes too? Especially in Germany!! So this picture is of me, Gerd, Tine and Jürgen, Tine’s uncle.

Then come a series of pictures at a place called ‘Kirmes’.  A Kirmes is basically a fair, for thsoe of you in the Lehigh Valley, think practically Allentown Fair, just different 😛  More wild, lots of alcohol, and crazy rides with weird noises.  What kind of noises? I guess just maybe you can pretend you are tripping out, and you  hear these crazy laughing noises comign from the rides, and they are shouting, wanna go faster? how about now? You scared yet? Or picture crazy freakin’ ugly clowns chasing you, that’s honestly what it kinda reminds me of! So, Reinholdi is the Kirmes of Lage, where I stayed with Tine.

After Reinholdi, comes another Kirmes, in Blasheimer, called the Blama Markt… Here we took the train to visit a friend of Tine, Roman, and we basically went to the Kirmes from 1pm to 3am the next morning, I take it these things are open constantly until they close a week later… It was very cold, and afterwards we just walked back to his place and crashed while watching American X.

Finally, a few pictures from the Kletterpark (literally, climbing park), which is basically a Jungle-Gym for adults, climbing high in the trees, being held on only by one rope, and a helmet.  Pretty intense if you ask me!

(remember, if you want to see an enlarged picture, just click on the thumbnail!)

So that just about roughly sums up the first 7 wonderful weeks I experienced with my great friend, Tine.  Many more memories were made, but unfortunately it would take an eternity to list them all.  I will post more if I come to some…  (or maybe just some aren’t internet appropriate :P)

Thanks Tine, and thanks to your family and friends! I miss you all!