Zac, Saskia & Tine, three fans of D.S.C. Arminia Bielefeld!

If you ever get the chance, do experience at least a European soccer game, but preferably a german soccer game.  Now, German soccer games, these are some pretttty crazy times.  The Deutsche Bahn (the german train company) runs special trains just going back and forth to the game, and evvvveryone crowds into one train.  (see next picture/post)  and then afterwards, win or lose, you can bet the germans will be pretty, well, to be blunt, tipsy.  After the game, we lost, but our team fans were still soarin’ high with spirit!

[This day, versus Köln, we won.  Last year, versus Bochum, we lost.  What will it be next year?]

*p.s: I did not choose the color scheme for this post, the blog does it automatically, trying to match up colors from the picture.