Tine’s house, in Lage, Germany, was just a couple of minutes away from a sugar factory, and may I ask, have you ever smelled how it smells, once the sugar season begins? Well, I got blessed with this opportunity the last few weeks I was staying with the Riedels… The sugar campaign only lasts a few months, beginning in, I believe it started in August.  (Unfortunately I do not have a picture of the factory for you!)  But allll the trucks full of sugar cane come through tiny Lage, and the process begins… Some like the smell, some do not, but I have no clue how to describe it ^^

Now, while living here in Lage, I went everyday to school, to the Gymnasium der Stadt Lage, and ate lunch with Tine’s Oma, which is something I will deeply miss! She made fresh, homemade applesauce for me every single day, with the apples from the trees in their backyards, that she planted with her own bare hands.  And that was the best applesauce I will have ever tasted, … ever.

Speaking of Gymnasium, (german high school), there are so many differences between school in Germany, and school in USA.  And more of that will be discussed in posts to come.

[I lived and biked past, for 7 weeks, that stinky old sugar factory, and I rode my bike over the same train tracks, and through the same Marktkauf parking lot, …. I wouldn’t have it any other way.  And I’d do it all over again, in a heartbeat.]